TRON Developer Communities

If you join either Discord or Telegram please make sure to @name our admins so they can get notified of your question. Do not respond to random DMs as there are a lot of impersonation scams. 

  1. TRON DAO Community Discord: TRON DAO Community (Look for the specfic Hackathon Channel for help/questions)
  2. TRON Developers Discord: TRON Developers & SRs
  3. TRON Official Developer group: Telegram: Contact @TronOfficialDevelopersGroupEn 
  4. TRON 中文开发者社群: Telegram: Contact @TronOfficialTechSupport 


  1. Hackathon section: 
  2. Developer Talks Section: 


Tron network Basic Info
  1. Tronscan explorer: TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器
  2. TRON LINK Wallet: (The Main User Wallet of TRON)
  3. Mainnet introduction: Networks 


TRON Network DAPP Develop Guide
  1. How to build a Web3 APP: Build a Web3 App 
  2. DAPP Development Tools: DApp Development Tools 


TRON developer documentation Hub:
  1. English Version: 
  2. Chinese Version: 


TRON TestNet and faucet
  1. Testnet info: Networks 
  2. Testnet faucet : 


TRON Network Node info
  1. TRONGrid Node Service: TronGrid 
  2. Public nodes: Networks 
  3. ANKR: Build on Tron With Instant RPC Endpoint 
  4. How to Deploy your own Fullnode: Deploy A Node 


TRON Dev Tools
  1. IDE for Smart Contract development: 
  2. TRONWEB, a Javascript API Library for interacting with the TRON Network: TronWeb/TronNetwork 
  3. Java SDK: Quickstart 
  4. Oracle : Introduction to WINkLink | WINkLink Developer Documentation  or Band Oracle


  1. How to Issue a TRC20 Token : Issuing TRC-20 tokens tutorial 
  2. How to Issue a TRC721 Token: TRC-721 Token Issuance 


Most frequently asked questions of TRON Network
  1. FAQ: TRON Developer FAQ 


  1. APENFT Marketplace: 
  2. NFT Hub(NFT storage based on BTFS): BTFS NFT Hub 
  3. Map NFT within ETH/BSC/TRON/BTTC: 
  4. BitTorrent File System Developer Documents: (Similar to IPFS)


BitTorrent Chain(BTTC) info
  1. BTTC Bridge: BitTorrent Chain - An Era of Connecting All Chains | BitTorrent Chain 万链互联新时代 
  2. BTTC Explorer:
  3. BTTC Dev Doc: Welcome to BitTorrent-Chain | BitTorrent-Chain Developer Documentation 
  4. How to build a DAPP on BTTC: Build a dApp on BTTC | BitTorrent-Chain Developer Documentation 
  5. BTTC Network info: Network Details | BitTorrent-Chain Developer Documentation 
  6. BTTC TestNet and Faucet: BTTC Faucet 
  7. How to Map Asset within ETH/BSC/TRON/BTTC: Asset Mapping | BitTorrent-Chain Developer Documentation 
  8. ANKR RPC Endpoint: Build on Bttc With Instant RPC Endpoint